athens, greece

Bio: Here, you can find only handmade items with my artistic perspective. You may often ask yourself why do people pursue art? And I think I have the answer to that. It's the only way you can leave your mark on this planet. That's why mademeathens was designed. I really enjoy making things with my own hands, that comes as far as I can remember from my childhood, where my friends used to ask "what shall we play now?" and I was asking "what shall we create from scratch?" I believe that sky is the limit! That's why you can find irrelevant works on my etsy store. I have no obsessions with specific materials and forms. Variety fits me best. Most common materials that I like to use are: fabrics (all kinds), driftwood, wire, paper (in many types and forms), plaster gauze, cords, clay, beads, ribbons, acrylic colours. I like to mix different techniques and have a result that pleases my soul and then my eyes. Hope I can bring same emotions to you as well. My inspiration usually begins with a "humble" - most of the times - material and what excites me is how I can use it in a different way from what it was made for. That's the bet against myself to offer an artistic perspective. I believe that my works offer the viewer and/or potential buyer strong emotions that can make you travel, feel, look back, laugh, enjoy, miss, dream. That's why it's worth taking the ride!

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